We are The Business Architects Limited.
A Digital Disruption Company.

Our company was formed with the sole purpose of providing differentiated and disruptive Digital products to the local and regional market.

Since our inception, we have enabled our clients to stand out among their competition by helping them leverage the multiple facets of The Digital Landscape.

We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of large, medium and small clients in the fields of Mobile, Web and Social Media. In every area that we've touched, we've brought a unique, valuable and successful outcome for our clients and their customers.

More About Us

The Business Architects Limited was founded on the basis of differentiation.

We only seek to provide unique and unparalleled products.

There is no other company locally that is capable of the types of services and products that we offer.

Our Social solutions are unique and achieve the most customer engagement, loyalty and Return On Investment than any other provider.

Our Mobile capabilities while highly advanced are still business oriented. In the mobile space we seek to bring ROI, Value and Convenience.

Our Web development encompasses the social and mobile realms in order to bring a truly convergent platform.